Building on the success of Impact 2020, we are visioning the next era of the Brown School.

In 2007, the Brown School launched Impact 2020, a strategic plan to achieve the “next big leap” for the Brown School. Since that time, in accordance with six select initiatives, the School has developed a master’s and PhD program in public health; launched a dual degree in social policy and the Clark-Fox Policy Institute; increased student scholarships and completed Hillman Hall;  cultivated new transdisciplinary collaborations, including social entrepreneurship; and fostered community partnerships in our city and region.

Now, it’s time to develop the next blueprint to help the Brown School advance social work, public health and social policy education and impact.

This website will be a portal to learn more about the School’s current strategic planning process, view the latest findings from our discovery, and weigh in with your own thoughts about how the Brown School can further its mission and vision in the coming years.

Most recent updates

We recently completed data gathering (phase II) and have posted data overviews for our key stakeholder groups. You can learn more and access the data here.

Now, in the “sense-making phase” (phase III), key themes have been identified from the data by the Planning Task Force, along with additional key stakeholders. Over the summer, those themes will be developed into individual concept papers. The teams working to research, write and edit the papers represent a wide variety of School stakeholders. As the concept papers are completed, they will be posted on this site.