During this phase, the Core Planning Team (CPT) trained members of the Planning Task Force (PTF) to be listening session facilitators and recorders.

They led 30 interactive sessions with more than 400 identified stakeholders to assess the School’s current position and future opportunities. The sessions included SWOT analysis, strategic questioning, and the development of future timelines to help identify upcoming issues and opportunities.

The CPT also developed and distributed an online survey to all key audiences, which collected additional open-ended feedback. Data from more than 250 completed surveys was aggregated.

Data from these activities, organized by stakeholder group, can be found below. The overview provides a summary of all sessions. The raw data contains notes from each individual stakeholder session.

Planning Task Force data overview

Planning Task Force raw data


Faculty data overview

Faculty raw data


Staff data overview

Staff raw data


Student data overview

Student raw data


Alumni data overview

Alumni raw data


Community Collaborator data overview

Community Collaborator raw data


Brown School National Council data overview

National Council raw data


Practicum Partners data overview

Practicum Partners raw data


University Leadership data overview

All stakeholder survey data overview