Reviewing Data and Identifying Themes

The data from phase II was compiled into overview documents and presented to the Planning Take Force, as well as additional key stakeholders, at the Sense-Making Meeting in late May.

As a group, the data was reviewed and discussed in detail to identify key themes that emerged across audiences.

A full recap of the Sense-Making Meeting can be found here.

Developing Themes into Concept Papers

The broad themes were developed into more detailed concept papers. The paper teams were composed of faculty and staff stakeholders responsible for diving deeper into related data, researching the assigned theme, and presenting possible scenarios to the larger group.

The concept papers were designed to:

      • Educate and inform readers who have little knowledge or expertise of the theme
      • Manage the information overload that can easily occur in a planning process
      • Offer an objective perspective: neutral in tone, presenting facts, not opinions, about each theme
      • Enable any reader, including external stakeholders, to grasp the critical elements of a particular issue and understand the decisions that need to be made

The final papers, and associated team members, are available for review below: