During the five phases of the process, a Planning Task Force (PTF) composed of staff, faculty, community partners, national council members and university peers guided and informed the process. They also were trained and deployed to elicit additional feedback from other internal and external stakeholders through listening sessions and other tools.

A Core Planning Team (CPT) from among the PTF members was put in place to ensure the process timeline stayed intact, and to help with necessary administrative duties and tasks during each phase.

PTF Members

*indicates a member of the Core Planning Team


Ana Baumann 
Research Assistant Professor

Sheretta Butler-Barnes
Associate Professor

Leo Cabassa
Associate Professor

Brett Drake 

Tonya Edmond

Amy Eyler
Associate Professor

Vanessa Fabbre
Assistant Professor

Michal Grinstein-Weiss

Darrell Hudson
Associate Professor

Lora Iannotti
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Public Health

Sean Joe
Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Research

Trish Kohl
Associate Professor

Doug Luke

Mary McKay*

Sojung Park
Assistant Professor

Rodrigo Reis

Stephen Roll
Research Assistant Professor

Deborah Salvo
Assistant Professor

Susan Stiritz
Associate Professor of Practice


Ellis Ballard
Associate Director of Social System Design Lab

Danielle Bristow
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Mara Bruno-Moran
Director of Financial Operations

Siomari Collazo-Colon*
Associate Dean for Administration

Beth Corelli
Director of Communications

Jenni Harpring
Assistant Dean of Field Education

Lee Koelliker
Director of Career Services

Jacque Martinez Pullen*
Chief of Staff and Assistant Dean

Nancy Mueller*
Assistant Dean for Planning and Evaluation

Daniel Miller
Senior Director of Development

Tammy Orahood
Director of Global Programs

National Council

Gary Parker
Associate Dean for External Affairs

Amanda Rhodes*
Executive Administrative Coordinator

Paige Riegel
Manager of Human Resources

Zach Romo
Assistant Director for Student Engagement

Jewel Stafford
Associate Director of Field Education

Atia Thurman
Associate Director of the Clark-Fox Policy Institute

Cheryl Valko
Associate Director of the Prevention Research Center

Josh Walewha
Associate Director of Admissions

Cynthia Williams*
Assistant Dean for Community Partnerships

Alisha Wood

Tom Hillman

Sam Nusbaum

Sue Schlichter

Jim Schlie

Susan Warshaw

University Peers

Adrienne Davis
Vice Provost and Professor

Nicole Hudson
Assistant Vice Chancellor for the Academy of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Jill Stratton
Associate Dean, Residential Learning

Tony Tillman
Assistant Provost for Student Success

Hank Webber
Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Administrative Officer

Community Partners

Dan Glazier
Executive Director & General Counsel, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, Inc.

Bethany Johnson-Javois
CEO, St. Louis Integrated Health Network

Evan Krauss 
Director, East Side Aligned, United Way of Greater St. Louis

Orv Kimbrough
CEO, Midwest Bank Centre

Claire Schell 
Assistant Vice President, Employee Experience, U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation

Clare Wolff
Community Development Specialist, University of Missouri Extension

Susan Sullivan